How to manage concussions

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Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2018, received Royal Assent on March 7, 2018. The Law is intended to transform the manner in which concussions are managed in amateur competitive sport in Ontario. The Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport has posted a survey on the Ontario Regulatory Registry, to seek feedback that will inform development of future regulations. The survey will be posted until May 7, 2018. If you are an athlete, parent of an athlete, coach or official, or just interested in the issue of concussion awareness and management in sport, you are encouraged to provide your input on the questions listed in the following link:

In addition, if you are a “youth athlete”, we also encourage you to answer a few youth-specific questions about concussions in amateur competitive sport through the government’s youth-focussed website, YouthVoice at

Please Click Here  for Synchro Ontario resources for coaches and parents on how to manage concussions.
Mandatory Baseline  Concussion Testing 
1) Competitive Stream Testing: Monday September 18,2 2017 5-9pm.
Location: #3-2015 Kingsbridge Drive, Oakville.
Club Social will be held at Peppino’s next door 2015 Kingsbridge Drive.  We have tables reserved5-9pm.  Please come and have dinner, meet new club members and re-connect with old ones.
2) Novice Competitive Stream Testing: Wednesday September 20, 2017 7pm.
Location: #3-2015 Kingsbridge Drive, Oakville.

If your daughter is not available to come to the testing date, you will need to contact the clinic directly to set up an appointment. No swimmer will be allowed to train after September 30th without this testing completed.

What exactly is a baseline test?

“A baseline test is a series of objective measures taken on a healthy person, before the injury happens. These test results are then used as a comparison should you get a concussion. The purpose of the baseline test, therefore, is to provide a better clinical picture of brain recovery, and more accurately determine when a person is safe to return to sports & other high-risk activities. A recent study foundthat a comprehensive baseline re-test used to return athletes to play matched with the timeline of brain recovery in previous research studies (10). A comprehensive multimodal baseline assessment is currently the best available tool to manage concussion injuries safely and should be on every athlete’s ‘to do list’ before starting the sports season!”

  • The cost for this testing has been included in your registration fees.
    • It is $65 for 13 and under,
    • $75 for swimmers over 13 as there is an additional cognitive test for the older swimmers.
    • This testing is covered under Chiropractic Care with most insurance benefit programs and families can submit the receipt to their Insurer.
      • Receipts will be providedif indicated during registration.
  • The baseline testing will be done by the Leaps and Bounds Performance Rehabilitation Clinic.
  • Testing takes approximately 45 minutes, parents are welcome to come and observe. You will need to register online for the testing.
  • Leaps and Bounds will email you directly with a link to registration. Swimmers 13 and over will also receive a link to the online cognitive test to be completed from home.
  • A member of the Leaps and Bounds Team will be attending our registration evening to give a brief presentation and to answer any questions.