Head Coach

Debbie has coached for the Calgary Aquabelles, Calgary Winter Club, Newfoundland Aquatic Club, Edmonton Auroras, Toronto Synchro, Ottawa Synchro and Olympium Synchro.

Number of years coaching: 9 years with others clubs, 22 as MSSA Head Coach
Teams coached last year: 13-15 Chorus Line and 16-20 Lets Dance
Level NCCP: Level 3
Number of years as a swimmer: 7 years
Memorable moment as a swimmer: Gold Medal Team Junior Nationals 1979 and 1980, Bronze in Duet 1980, Swiss Open Gold medal 1983

Memorable moment as a coach:

There are just too many to choose from. I have had the opportunity to interact with some amazing people over last 29 years. Athletes, parents and fellow coaches whose dedication to the sport brings me back each year, renewing my passion for this amazing sport.

Winning Club Aggregate 2013 Ontario Open Age Group Championships.

What I bring to the sport and club: Committed to developing every MSSA swimmer’s proper basic skill set. Experience has given me the ability to look at the big picture for MSSA and create an environment where both the team and the individual succeed.





Sita swam as a recreational for 1 year and then as a competitive swimmer with MSSA for many years.  She swam on the Master’s team in the past. She is currently completing her judging level one.

Number of years coaching: 17 years
Teams coached last season: 13-15 year Team
Level NCCP: Level 2, currently completing Level 3
Number of years as swimmer: 17 years with MSSA
Memorable moment as swimmer: Competing at Nationals on the tier 6 ACDC team.
Memorable moment as coach: Being at Nationals for the first time as a coach not a swimmer. I was really proud of my swimmers and all the hard work they put into the season.  Also, seeing the club win the aggregate trophy in 2013 for the first time.  I was so proud!
What I bring to the sport & club: I have a vested interest in my teams emotionally. I take a lot of pride in helping the girls grow and improve as synchronized swimmers and as people. I put a lot of pride in learning more about the sport so I can bring that knowledge and experience to all swimmers I work with.
Erin D

Erin Dawson

Number of years coaching:

5 years

Teams coached last season:

Novice Competitive, 11-12 and 10 and Under duet, 13-15 Solo

Level NCCP:

Competition Introduction trained

Number of years as swimmer:

10 years

Memorable moment as swimmer:

When competing at Provincials, and everything just clicked for all of us and we had our best swim making not only ourselves but our coach proud.

Memorable moment as coach:

When my 10u duet in their first year of swimming qualified for Age Groups and their feeling of accomplishment at making it and after their amazing swim there

What I bring to the sport & club:

I bring an enthusiasm, and well as a genuine love of this sport with me. It has driven me through my entire synchro career and I love to use it to help girls find the same while learning new skills and a solid base from which to grow from.



Number of years coaching: 1 year volunteering with competitive and recreation teams
Teams coached last year: I volunteered with competitive 12U and 10U teams. I helped with a couple recreation teams as well.
Level NCCP:
Number of years as a swimmer: 6 years: 2 years recreation and 4 years competitive, and still swimming
Memorable moment as a swimmer: Swimming for my first year in the competitive steam and at every competition my team and I always improved our overall score; winning my first medal at the Waterloo Invitational with the Elvis Routine.

Memorable moment as a coach:

Watching all the swimmers grow as a swimmer and a person. I love being able to teach amazing life skills to amazing groups of girls who can use these skills every day.
What I bring to the sport and club: I bring a positive attitude, dedication and a passion for synchronized swimming to MSSA. I love watching the girls learn and develop many skills about dedication and determination. I am excited to help my recreation girls learn these skills and so many others.




Number of years coaching: 1 year
Teams coached last year: Recreational
Level NCCP: Competitive Introduction Trained
Number of years as a swimmer: 9 years, and still swimming
Memorable moment as a swimmer: Going to Ontario Winter Games twice as well as my team reaching our goal of coming third in Provincials after a year of hard work

Memorable moment as a coach:

Watching my team improve their synchro skills throughout the year and coming together to create a routine that was challenging but fun to execute and perform.
What I bring to the sport and club: I bring an enthusiasm and passion for synchronized swimming. I have been doing the sport for a long time and love to see other swimmers grow to love synchro through their determination and hard work. I enjoy teaching new swimmers the basis of synchro so they can use those skills in their future synchro careers as well as outside of the sport.